Artist Statement

To paint women is to capture, even if only a glimpse, that magic, power, & soft integrity of the feminine. I paint women of many cultures amidst a sea of emotional richness that exists throughout her life.

In my teens, I wanted a large chunk of balsa wood, because, as I repeatedly told my mother, 'there was a woman inside'. Not growing up in an environment that understood or appreciated art, my parents had no reference point for such a comment, nor how to address the request. For that matter, nor did I.

Life's chapters unfolded. Years later, the impulse of a woman inside returned. The returned inspiration, became the bronze sculpture Ana Maia. Though the process was putting clay together, not carving away the wood, it was about revealing a woman. I still find that fascinating.

Now, I paint. Curiously, the theme remains: the feminine. I would say I paint 24/7 but most of my painting happens while away from the paper. I notice. Figurative work is in the noticing, the capturing of energy. I strive to capture that passion.

I find my true center in the presence of divinely engaged women. Then, immersed in this texture (that is all I can call it), I paint. It is my hope to foster and nurture love and light.

I am a visual artist and avid agent for change. Game changing is about a change of heart. I believe in the power, leadership and light of women.

The world could use more of the feminine these days, yes?

Anastasia - Anastasia Kitakis Hurlin - Anastasia Hurlin - Anastasia Kitakis - Stacey Kitakis - Stacey Hurlin.... smiling as I write this... so many names... They are all me!

Phone: 641.919.8155